Title Tag Optimization

Title Tag Optimization

Written by Lex Meyer to help your Church Reach More People

If you want to optimize your church website to improve your ranking in search engines, one of the first steps you should take is to optimize your title tag. The title tag is used to give a summary of the content on your web page. This plays an important role in the ranking and visibility of your website on search engines.

A good title will accurately represent the content of the page and entice users to click on your search engine results.

1. Unique Titles on every page

Every page on your website should have a unique title tag. A good practice is to use the most important keyword or phrase at the beginning of your title tag. For example, if you are creating a page about youth ministry in Tulsa, then your title tag should look something like this:

Youth ministry in Tulsa Oklahoma | Church Name

2. Short Titles are best

Don’t overdo it by trying to cram a bunch of keywords into your title. There are actually limits in place to keep search engine results short and readable, and ultimately it will not benefit you to do so. Instead try to create a short, simple title that clearly represents the page content. Try to keep your title less than 70 characters (including spaces). In fact, really long title tags can cause Google to shorten or replace your title with their own version (which could hurt your ranking).

3. Appeal to your audience

The main goal of your title tag is to cause someone to click on your page from their search results. This means you need to think about what might cause someone to want to click on it. Use marketing strategies that encourage and invite people to click, such as “See our most popular t-shirts”, or “Learn how to make the best peanut butter sandwich”. You can also use the same key phrase in your meta description that you place in your title tag, which will cause the search result to bold this key phrase, and improve your visibility in search results.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to optimize your title tag for search engines, take some time to go through every page on your website to make sure that your title tags are working in your favor. If you need help getting your website properly optimized with these best practices, then let us know, and we would be happy to help optimize your website.

Lex Meyer
Written by Lex Meyer

Lex is a church website designer and occasional blogger. He is also a preacher and runs his own online ministry called UNLEARN, where he makes educational YouTube videos about the Bible. You can connect with Lex on social media below.


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