Church Website Personality

Church Website Personality

Written by Lex Meyer to help your Church Reach More People

Is the personality of your website helping or hurting your ministry? Learn how to make your website your most valuable asset for growing your church. Your website has a personality and can affect the mood and opinion of others. It can tell stories, teach, and sell products. What is the personality of your website?

Your website works for you around the clock, and it is often the first thing people look at before making a decision to visit your church. So, it is important to know if your website is attracting people or sending them away. A good website is a valuable asset to your ministry, but a bad website can be your downfall.

Consider the following things about your church website to see if it is helping your church grow or not.

Good Church websites put others first

When people come to your church website, you have the opportunity to speak into their lives. What are you communicating to them? Are you giving them valuable information and resources to help them, or are you just trying to get them to join your church? Make sure that when you write content for your site, you are thinking about how it will minister to your visitors. If you provide valuable engaging content, they will come back for more, and they will be more likely to visit your church. When you put the needs of others above your own, they will experience the love of Messiah working through your church online.

Good Church websites speak clearly

What I mean by this is that your website needs to be easy to understand and navigate. How will anyone know what you want them to do on your website if you don't communicate it clearly? Use good titles for headings on all of your pages so that people who are skimming the page can easily find what they are looking for. Avoid using cute or trendy phrases in the navigation, and don't hide your navigation from people, keep it in an easy to find location.

Good Church websites are engaging

When people come to your church online it is important to engage with them. Give them something to do. Post sermons online for them to watch, give them a place to post questions and comments, and keep your content fresh. There is nothing worse than coming to a website that hasn't been updated in years. If there is no engagement on your website, then why would anyone want to visit your church?

Does your Church website have a good personality? If not, the good news is that you can change it. If you are strategic with your website personality, your website will become your most valuable asset.

Lex Meyer
Written by Lex Meyer

Lex is a church website designer and occasional blogger. He is also a preacher and runs his own online ministry called UNLEARN, where he makes educational YouTube videos about the Bible. You can connect with Lex on social media below.


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